Important Information for First-Semester Students and Erasmus-Students

Dear First-Semester Students and Erasmus-Students,

due to the ongoing covid-19-pandemic the coming semester will be a challenging one for all of us. Our main effort we are currently working on is the transfer from classroom teaching to E-Learning.

Our university’s Data Center (ZDV) has published a short manual that will guide you through the essential steps regarding your coming semester. To access the manual, please use the following link:

Please carefully read through and follow the sections regarding your account, the university’s E-learning-platforms and your e-mail and make sure you have access to your (E-mail)-account. Otherwise we are unable to notify you about important updates regarding your semester!

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Meet us: March 11-16, at JGU Mainz

European Consortium for Political Research

The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) is an independent, scholarly association, established in 1970. The ECPR supports and encourages the training, research and cross-national co-operation of political scientists throughout Europe and beyond through its programme of highly-regarded conferences and events, standing groups, funding opportunities and its prestigious publishing portfolio. Membership to the ECPR is institutional, meaning that scholarly associations concerned with the teaching or research of political science throughout the world may join; the benefits of membership are open to all individuals within the member institution from graduate students through to established professors. With some 300 institutional members, the ECPR’s membership spans 50 countries and reaches over 10,000 individuals (

Joint Sessions of Workshops, March 11-16, 2013, in Mainz

The Department of Political Science at the University of Mainz has the great chance to be hosting the 41st ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops in March 2013. The Joint Sessions of Workshops have been hosted annually in March or April in an array of different European cities since 1973. They have been referred to as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the ECPR and are recognised as one of the major highlights of the world’s political science calendar.

The workshops are designed to be a forum for substantive discussion on research in progress and collaboration among scholars. They are gatherings of approximately 15 to 20 participants from several different institutions, lasting for about 5 days. The topics of discussion are precisely

defined, and only those scholars currently working in the workshop’s field are invited to participate.

The main objective of the workshops is to facilitate and encourage participation, equality and collaboration between younger and newer members of the profession, advanced students, and well-established professors. In order to achieve this, the size of each workshop is strictly limited. Each participant is expected to be carrying out research in the field of the workshop, so that he or she is both able to present a paper or research document for discussion, and participate in the discussion of the other papers presented. Participants may attend only one workshop and should stay for the duration of the Joint Sessions. It is hoped that some of these workshops will lead to publications and the creation of permanent standing groups, in addition to continuing collaboration between members (

For more information, go to our local webpage, send us an email or visit us on facebook.




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