M.A. Political Economy and International Relations: Career Opportunities

Under conditions of social complexity and increasing globalization and internationalization, graduates are in demand,

- who can think independently and at the same time are able to work in a team are in demand,

- who are able to analyze and critically reflect on political and economic interrelationships in a national and international context and translate their results into concrete proposals for solutions, as well as

- communicate them in a comprehensible and appealing manner.

We will train you for this as part of the M.A. Political Economy and International Relations.


This will enable you to work in these professional fields:

- in politics: as research assistants in political parties, parliamentary groups, with members of parliament, in ministries, government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations,

- in policy-related fields: in political foundations, in political journalism, and in political consulting,

- in market and opinion research, public relations, management consultancies and other private sector companies,



- in science: as research assistants at universities, universities of applied sciences and private research institutions.