MA "Political Economy and International Relations": Professional Perspectives

Why study towards a Master’s Degree in "Political Economy and International Relations"?

… Because a bachelor’s degree is not enough to satisfy your interest in politics.

… Because you believe that the most interesting political questions of our times concern the interrelations between politics and the economy this side and beyond national borders.

… Because you agree that the interdisciplinary study of this subject is the adequate answer to the challenges of globalization.

… Because you wish to improve your chances of acquiring an interesting and well-paying job.

… Because you

  • wish to work in a government or non-government organization at home or abroad;
  • hope to join the diplomatic service;
  • would love to lead a research unit providing background information to members of parliament, parties or political organizations;
  • are interested in political  journalism or public relations;
  • see yourself as a (political) consultant;
  • are planning to work for a political foundation;
  • have always been interested in market research or opinion polling;
  • hope to make a career as a political scientist in a research institute or at a university ...