M. A. in European Studies: FAQs (worth reading)

No. The three partner universities have agreed to charge no tuition fees for the Europa Master.

It is legally required that all, and only, students whose home university is Mainz must pay the social contribution at Mainz. Hence, if you enroll in the Europa Master at Mainz as your home university, you must pay the social contribution throughout the 4 semesters. However, for the semesters you study at Opole and Dijon, you can apply (at the AStA) for reimbursement of that (larger) part of the contribution that goes towards the "semester ticket" in Mainz. We will provide you with the reimbursement application forms.

For participants from Opole and Dijon coming to study the 2nd semester at Mainz, we recommend that they (voluntarily) pay the social contribution in order to obtain the semester ticket, which means free public transportation in Mainz and within a large perimeter around Mainz (the price of monthly bus tickets for the time participants will spend in Mainz is much higher).

Students admitted to the Europa Master at Mainz enroll there for the 1st semester, and at the same time also at the University of Opole. They remain enrolled at Mainz and Opole throughout the entire programme (the University of Opole does not charge any social contribution). Finally, for the 3rd semester they also enroll at the University of Dijon; since enrollment at Dijon is always for an entire academic year, participants will be enrolled at Dijon until the end of the programme.

The teaching language in the Europa Master at Opole is English; however, participants with sufficient proficiency in Polish may also take the respective courses in Polish, to the extent that they are on offer during the 1st semester. The teaching language at Mainz is generally German; but the Europa Master programme will also be offered in English for participants with insufficient proficiency in German. The teaching language at Dijon is French.

Throughout Europe, a language proficiency at least at the European certificate level of B2 is required for university admission. Hence, for the preliminary eligibility check for the Europa Master you must submit proof of your proficiency in English at least at level B2, and in French at least at level B1. By the beginning of the 3rd semester, you must have reached at least level B2 also in French. Towards the end of the 2nd semester at Mainz, there will be an opportunity to acquire a French level-B2 certificate. If you cannot prove sufficient proficiency in French when enrolling at Dijon for the 3rd semester, you  will  have to take a B2-level entry test in French; you will need to pass this test in order to be able to continue the Europa Master programme!

Prior knowledge of Polish or German is not required for the Europa Master! At all partner universities, courses in all three languages students are obligatory.

At Opole and Dijon, student-dorm accommodation is guaranteed for all participants of the Europa Master; at Mainz, although there is no guarantee, chances for accommodation in a student dorm are very good if participants apply in time. In any case, you will be assisted with the necessary steps by the programme managers at each site.

Participants of the Europa Master whose home university is Mainz are eligible for a monthly mobility

stipend from the DAAD during the semester in Opole and from the DFH-UFA during the semster in Dijon. Students may also be eligible for “Erasmus” support for the semester in Dijon.