M.A. Empirical Democracy Studies: Career Opportunities

Why study towards a Master’s Degree in Empirical Democracy Studies?

… Because your interest in political science issues was sparked in your bachelor's degree and you would like to expand and deepen what you have learned.

… Because you believe that addressing the conditions and consequences of democracy is one of the most important concerns of our time.

… Because democracy research is the supreme discipline of political science.

… Because you want to improve your prospects of finding an interesting and well-paid job after graduation.

… Because you intend to ...

  • become a scientific employee of a member of parliament, a party or a parliamentary group;
  • work in an international organization or the free economy;
  • to contribute their knowledge of methods in market and opinion research;

or because you

  • want to pursue a career in a research institution or university?

… However, you may be more interested in working in one of the following professional fields:

  • Journalism or Public Relations;
  • Political or business consulting;
  • Press relations in a political institution or
  • Educational work in a political foundation.