Why study a trinational European Studies programme?

„Wer an Europa zweifelt, wer an Europa verzweifelt,
der sollte Soldatenfriedhöfe besuchen!“
(Jean-Claude Juncker)

When, in August 1991, the Foreign Ministers of France, Poland, and Germany - fully aware of the special relationships between their three countries whose friendship today cannot erase an extremely painful historical legacy – founded the so-called “Weimar triangle”, they surely had in mind projects like this trinational Europa Master.

The trinational Europa Master is just what you are looking for,

… if you have an interest in Europe,

… if you are flexible, mobile and committed,

… if you wish to pursue a career in, e. g.,

  • a European, or Europe-oriented, public institution,
  • an international organisation with a European focus,
  • a commercial enterprise operating on a European scale, or
  • more generally, political journalism or communication,
  • adult civic education,
  • political counseling, or
  • last, but not least, in academia.

Graduates of this trinational Europa Master programme receive national degrees of all three partner universities.
They will, thus, be able to prove in France, Poland, Germany, and beyond that they are recognized experts on European politics and law, that they possess living experience and networks in at least three EU member states, and that they are proficient in at least three European languages.
For graduates with such a profile, the doors of Europe will be wide open!