M.A. European Studies: Career Opportunities

"Where there is freedom, human rights and pluralism, there is Europe!"
(Richard von Weizsäcker)

Students of the "Europa-Master" study in three major European countries which provides unique career opportunities for our graduates. In this way, the trinational degree ties in with the idea of the "Weimar Triangle", which symbolizes the friendly cooperation between France, Germany and Poland and also stands for how the future in Europe can be shaped together at different levels across borders.

At the conclusion of the European Master's, you will receive national degrees from all three partner universities. You can thus prove in France, Poland, Germany and beyond that you have recognized expertise on politics and law in Europe, that you have life experience and networks in at least three EU member states and that you speak three to four European languages. For graduates with such a profile, the doors of Europe will be wide open!

With a Master in European Studies you can actively shape Europe. The numerous professional fields include, for example:

  • a European, or Europe-oriented, public institution,
  • an international organisation with a European focus,
  • a commercial enterprise operating on a European scale, or
  • more generally, political journalism or communication,
  • adult civic education,
  • political counseling, or
  • last, but not least, in academia.