Application & Admission

The application process for the (maximally) 10 students to be admitted to the Europa Master at the University of Mainz begins each year in April. You may apply online. Please submit your complete and signed application for admission to the University within the application period.
Application period: April 1 - May 15; admission only for winter term.
Please note that this applies only to potential applicants with a first academic degree from a German university!
If you hold, or study towards, a first degree from a foreign university (regardless of your nationality), you must obtain an official recognition of your degree prior to submitting your documents for application (see below for further instructions).
Where should you send your documents?
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
55099 Mainz
What documents should you submit?
1. Print out of the application for admission (complete and signed) for the Trinational Master of European Studies.
2. B. A. degree (or equivalent) in a social science, law, economics, media or communication studies, history, philosophy, or cultural studies, with the degree having at least 65 cr in political science or law (certified copy);

  • In addition to the certified copy of the degree, an English translation must be submitted. (Translations of degrees or transcripts must generally be issued by some officially recognized institution, such as the degree-issuing university itself, or a certified translator. Hence, the degree/transcript may be translated or issued directly as a bilingual document by your university. Translations elaborated by yourself or other private persons are not accepted. We recommend that you keep the original of the translation and submit a certified copy of it.)
  • If you expect to receive your first degree after the end of the deadline for application, it is also acceptable that you submit a transcript of records (in English) documenting that you have earned at least 135 cr, and containing a detailed record of all courses taken and and grades received, including your preliminary grade-point average. The transcript must have been issued by your university (submit the original or a certified copy). In case you are preliminarily admitted to the Europamaster on this ground, you have to provide a similar transcript documenting 180 cr. by October 1. at the latest in order to register at Opole and participate in the Europamaster programme. If you are not able to do so, your preliminary admission to the Europamaster expires.
  • If you study toward a degree from a foreign university, you must not apply before you receive your degree (a transcript documenting 135 cr earned at a foreign university is not sufficient in that case).  In order to be admissible to a M. A. program at Mainz, you must first apply for the recognition of your foreign degree! (Only participants from our partner universities are exempted from this rule, as they submit their documents to Dijon or Opole,  not directly to Mainz.) Generally, it is always the university you wish to study at which must recognize your degree (there is no ”national” recognition procedure for foreign degrees valid for the entire German academic system). Since the recognition procedure of your foreign degree could be lengthy and complicated, make sure to apply for the recognition of your foreign degree well in advance (at least 6 weeks before you intend to submit your full documents for application). The recognition document issued by the International Office of the University of Mainz must be submitted together with the rest of your documents for application! For further information, please check the website and application forms for the recognition/validation of foreign certificates.

3. Proof of proficiency in English at least at level B2 (e. g., a B2 or equivalent certificate, a documented record of at least 4 years of high-school English completed with a passing grade, a TOEFL certificate with at least 213 (computer-based test, CBT), 79 (internet-based test, IBT) or 550 (paper-based test, PBT) points, or an IELTS certificate with at least 5.5 points, or a transcript of records issued by a university in the UK, the US, Canada, or Australia, proving the successful completion of at least one semester worth of university courses taught in English);

4. Proof of proficiency in French at least at level B1 (e. g., a B1 or equivalent certificate, a documented record of at least 3 years of high-school French completed with a passing grade, or a transcript of records issued by a French university proving the successful completion of at least one semester worth of university courses taught in French).

What are the further steps in the application process?

  • By mid-June all applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application (by mail).
  • If you are admitted to the Europa Master and decide to accept the offer, besides enrolling at Mainz you must also enroll as soon as possible at Opole, where the first semester of the M. A. is studied, and at Dijon. Your “application” at these partner universities is a purely formal matter; all three universities guarantee that admitted participants enrolled at one of the partners will be admitted by the others. Also, participants enrolled in the Europa Master are assured accommodation in a student dorm at Opole (and later at Dijon) once they have properly completed enrollment procedures at the respective university. We will provide you in due time with all the necessary instructions, forms and logistic support to make these trinational enrollment procedures as easy as possible.
  • The 1st semester starts at Opole in mid-September. The program begins with “integration days” designed to acquaint you with your peers, the trinational personnel and the trinational circumstances of the program.

To guide you through the necessary administrative steps, you will receive an information package from us together with the admission notification once you have successfully applied for admission. A member of our department will also be especially in charge of counseling participants of the Europa Master and assisting them with administrative and academic needs. In addition, we will be happy to answer any further questions you might have. Just send us an e-mail to :