M.Ed. Civic Education: Content

The M.Ed. Civic Education is

  • 1st or 2nd subject in a Master of Education degree program in which you must complete a total of
  • 120 credit points must be earned.
  • 42 of these are allotted to the M.Ed. Social Studies; they are distributed over
  • three modules.

Module 10:Politics and political mediation
Here you will deepen your knowledge of the political system of Germany, its central institutions, processes and political actors. In addition, you will expand your knowledge of subject didactics.

Module 11: Specialized scientific consolidation
Here you can learn more about specific topics from other subfields of political science that are of particular interest to you as future teachers, such as the relationship between politics, society and the economy or the political system of the EU.

Module 12:Cross-cutting problems in the political context
Here, problems are addressed that cross subfields of political science (domestic politics, analysis and comparison of political systems, international relations, political theory, economics and society, subject didactics) or that raise cross-cutting issues affecting neighboring disciplines.

Two of these three modules are completed with a term paper written on one of the two seminars in that module; one of the three modules is completed with a 15-minute oral examination following the lecture in that module.

Final module:
Here you can find a list of the authorized examiners for the master thesis in the M.Ed. "Civic Education. Read more

Study module for social studies as a "minor subject" in the Master of Education in combination with fine arts or music:

Here you will acquire knowledge of the political system of Germany, its central institutions, processes and political actors as well as knowledge of the subject didactics of political science.

Bilingual additional training

Contact person at the Institute of Political Science for the bilingual additional education is Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kerstin Pohl. Further information can be found here.