Trinational Master in European Studies


Three Countries, three degrees, three languages:

The “Europa Master”, a consecutive 4-semester M. A. program that will be certified in all three participating countries, started in the academic year 2013/14 . It is the first genuinely trinational study program at JGU, and the only trinational M. A. in European Studies currently offered in Germany: Participants study the first semester in Opole (Poland), the second semester in Mainz (Germany), and the third semester in Dijon (France). Only for the final semester, dedicated to a compulsory internship, the writing of a master´s thesis, and the final exam, participants separate, depending on where they do the internship, thesis and exam. Upon the successful completion of the M. A. program, graduates receive the respective national degrees from all three partner universities.

Study Europe - Live Europe!

The “Europa Master” provides participants with specialized knowledge about European cultures and societies (Opole), European politics (Mainz), and European law (Dijon). But it offers much more than that: By studying and living together in three European countries, participants (a maximum of 10 per year from each partner university) acquire intensive personal ”European” experiences. And last, but not least, they improve and practice their language skills in at least three foreign languages: the teaching language in Opole is English, in Mainz German and English, in Dijon it is French; and throughout the first three semesters, participants are required to take language courses in the two partner languages that are not their native language (bilingual participants take courses in some other European language).

The Europa Master invites applicants with a B.A. (or equivalent) degree in a social science, law, economics, media or communication studies, history, philosophy, or cultural studies (with the degree having a component of at least 65 cr in political science or law), who are interested in pursuing a Europe-oriented career and have good language skills (while applicants do not need to have a prior knowledge of German or Polish, they must prove a proficiency in English of at least level B2, and of French of at least level B1).

Please be aware: All foreign certificates and diplomas have to be approved by Mainz University before the application to the Master’s program! Applications will not be successful without recognition. The recognition procedure takes 4 to 6 weeks. For further information see here.


Funding and Grants

The conception and establishment of the Europa Master has been supported by the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule/Université Franco-Allemande (DFH/UFA). Furthermore, DFH/UFA support makes participants of the Europa Master eligible for a substantial mobility grant during their semester in Dijon. Since 2019 the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is funding the degree with mobility grants for the semester in Opole.

Additionally, participants may also be eligible for Erasmus support (for one of the two semesters abroad) and for “Ausland-BAFöG”.



Trinationaler M. A. in European Studies
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Arne Niemann, Dr. Doris Unger

For any questions on the Europamaster, please, contact the following email address: