MA "European Studies": General Information

Study Europe - Live Europe!


The European Master's program not only offers specialization in issues of culture and society (Opole), European politics and integration (Mainz), and European law (Dijon), but also enables the maximum of 30 students per year to gain intensive "European" experience through joint study in three different European countries.

3 Länder

3 countries

Our European Master is a 4-semester, tri-national program in which you can receive extensive training in European Studies in three central countries of the EU: All students start together in Opole (Poland) in the first semester, study in Mainz in the second semester and in Dijon (France) in the third semester.

3 degrees

The fourth semester, in which internships, master's thesis and final examination are scheduled, is usually completed by the students at their respective home university. Upon successful completion of their studies, graduates receive national degrees from all three partner universities.

3 Abschlüsse

3 Sprachen

3 languages

In addition, there is the acquisition and practical practice of language skills in at least three foreign languages: English is the teaching language in Opole, German and English in Mainz, and French in Dijon. They also attend foreign language courses in Polish, German and French in the first three semesters (bilingual students can attend a language course in another European foreign language).