The Europa Master at a glance:

  • four semesters,
  • 120 ECTS credits,
  • three national degrees,
  • three languages.

The language of teaching at Opole is English, at Mainz German and English, at Dijon French.

The Europa Master in detail:


1st semester: Uniwersytet Opolski

Module 1
„Political Science and European Studies: Introduction“ (15 cr)

Module 2a „Central Eastern Europe in the European Integration Process“ (9 cr)
Module 2b „Culture and Society in Europe“ (9 cr)

Module 3 „Language Module I” (6 cr)
a) Language 1
b) Language 2
(During the first 3 semesters, language courses in the 2 partner languages in which a participant is not a native speaker are compulsory; participants who are bilingual in 2 partner languages take courses in another European foreign language.)

2nd Semester: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Module 4
„Advanced Module: Politics in Europe“ (12 cr)

Module 5 „Advanced Module: Political Science and European Politics“ (12 cr)

Modul 6 „Language Module II” (6 cr)
a) Language 1 (as in Language Module I)
b) Language 2 (as in Language Module

3rd Semester: Université de Bourgogne, Dijon

Module 7 „European Institutions and EU Law“ (12 cr)

Module 8a „Selected EU Policies“ (12 cr)
Module 8b „European Basic Rights and Freedoms“ (12 cr)

Module 9 „Language Module III” (6 cr)
a) Language 1 (as in Language Module I)
b) Language 2 (as in Language Module I)

4th semester:

a) internship with a European focus (at least 6 weeks, 8 cr)
b) MA thesis (20 cr)
c) final exam/defence of thesis (2 cr)
(During the 4th semester, your home university is mainly responsible for you. You submit your internship report to your home department, which will also coordinate your MA thesis and final exam.)

Upon the successful completion of the Europa Master, the partners are informed about your final grades, convert these grades into the respective national grades, and concede you their respective national degrees, with equivalent grades.